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Keynote Speakers

Elevate your experience at AP-ACR, and join our world-renowned keynote speakers who will captivate you. 

From thought-provoking discussions to groundbreaking innovations, our keynote speakers will deliver unparalleled knowledge and motivation, setting the tone for the event. 

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University of Melbourne

Professor Dan Woodman is a Sociologist at the University of Melbourne and a co-Chief Investigator on the Australian Research Council funded Life Patterns study of young adulthood in Australia. He has published widely on generational change and the new social conditions impacting on young adults and is turned to by journalists around the world for his insights. He is on the Executive Committee of the International Sociological Association (ISA) and President of the Research Committee for the Sociology of Youth (RC34) within the ISA. He was President of The Australian Sociological Association for two terms (2017-2020) and is current President of the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences in Australia. He is also co-Editor in Chief of the Journal of Youth Studies.


Title: The changing experience of young adulthood in the Asia-Pacific in the context of the Asset Economy
Young people are coming of age in changing times but generational stereotypes of the young (and the old) are often misleading. This presentation will explore the changing experience of young adulthood, drawing on the Life Patterns study that has tracked three generations of Australians from youth into adulthood and making comparisons to international data, particularly from the Asia Pacific. It will highlight how this period of life is being reshaped by cultural shifts and the rise of the asset economy . Intergenerational support, financial and in-kind, and the capacity to invest in the self and to build an asset portfolio in young adulthood, is becoming more significant to life outcomes than it was for previous generations.

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Fiona Anjani


Fiona Anjani is a marketer, passionate about crafting and storytelling, with more than 20 years of experience in FMCG company in Indonesia. She has worked for Greenfields and Unilever in the past, focusing mostly on the beauty category. In her current role, Fiona is the Chief Marketing Officer of Scarlett, one of the fastest-growing local beauty companies in Indonesia.


Fiona will discuss the transformation of Indonesian women throughout the years, focusing on how culture, values, and religion impact women’s mindset and consumer behaviour, and discussing how brands adapt to these changes.

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